Thor, Superman and Dr. Strange. Three superheroes. Three super dads - Glyn, Andrew and Stuart, will run a half-marathon in fancy disguise for children with muscular dystrophy from the Parent Project. Coming soon: Saturday, April 1 in Prague!

Glyn Evans, Andrew Peirson and Stuart Jordan. These are not only friends from England, but also our real heroes.

Glyn is a partner of Cushman & Wakefield, Andrew Peirson is a CEO of JLL and Stuart Jordan heads Savills. They met fifteen years ago. And they liked the Czech Republic so much that they got married and started families here. However, one family's life turned upside down over time...

That's when Glyn and his wife Alena found out that their Sammy has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Worse, today ten-year-old Sammy in addition to this incurable illness has been diagnosed with severe autism...

Our heroes ran the Prague half-marathon five years ago and this year they decided for a splendid return. With their amazing costumes, standing out from the crowd of runners, they won't fail to be noticed.

Thus for one purpose only, raising money for the Parent Project. A non-profit organization that supports people with muscular dystrophy and their families.

Our superheroes are back! After five years. In full strength. Determined to contribute to children with muscular dystrophy.

Don't miss that! Be a superhero too!